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Aldercar High School Uniform Policy

School Uniform- Core Items:

A plain white collared shirt. Long enough to be tucked in at all times.  The collar will need to fasten for the tie.

A clip on tie (in house colours)*
(Ormonde: Red, Shipley: Blue,
Gregg: Green, Howitt: Yellow)

An official black school jacket with badge.*

Grey trousers. (Grey Jeans and grey leggings are not acceptable)

Plain black footwear which must be safe and suitable for the school environment.  Open-toed sandals are not permitted
School Uniform- Optional Items:

A grey pleated skirt.*

A plain grey V-neck jumper
(without any logo)
All of the above uniform items can be purchased from the school's official uniform provider Academy School Uniforms.

* These items can only be purchased from the official school uniform provider Academy School Uniforms.

Outdoor coats must not be worn in classrooms.

Coloured t-shirts must not be worn under shirts. White ones must be hidden.

No hoodies are to be worn on school site.

No coloured belts.

No baseball caps.

No extremes of fashion.

Plain purple sports t-shirt or polo shirt (with College logo)*

Navy blue shorts*

Navy hockey/football socks*


Hockey boots/football boots

PE Uniform-Core Items:

PE Uniform- Optional Items:

Girls navy blue skort*
Navy blue cuffed track pants*
Aldercar High School rain jacket*
Aldercar High School rugby shirt*
* These items can only be purchased from the official school uniform provider Academy School Uniforms.

Pupils are allowed to wear their existing polo shirts with the ACLC logo, however when they grow out of these it is expected that they purchase one with the new Aldercar High School name.

For safety reasons, only the following items of jewellery are permitted:
        Earrings: one plain stud or one plain sleeper per ear (10mm). No stretchers are allowed.
        No nose studs, eye-brow studs, tongue studs or any other form of body piercing.
        No bracelets including braid, leather or metal.
        No rings, necklaces, chains or anklets.

Students' make-up must be discreet and any nail varnish should be clear. Nail extensions and brightly coloured nail varnishes are not permitted.

Hair styles:
Students' hairstyles must be neat and tidy. Extreme hairstyles or accessories, such as fashionable unnatural dyeing, and the shaving of lines and patterns, are not permitted.

The school reserves the right to sanction a student if uniform regulations are not followed. The school further reserves the right to deem what is classed as an 'extreme of fashion'.

The present Year 10
The present Year 10 are exempt from these uniform changes (but must still follow the rules regarding jewellery, make-up and hairstyles) but can opt in if they so wish.  If they decide to opt in then they must follow the new uniform policy to the letter.  If they decide not to then they are still governed by the previous uniform policy (see website)

How to purchase the new uniform?
Remember * these items can only be purchased from the official school uniform provider Academy School Uniforms.

The school uniform provider Academy School Uniforms has a webpage dedicated to Aldercar High School at
 Uniform can be purchased here and delivered to home or school.

Pop up shops
The school uniform provider Academy School Uniforms will be running 'pop up shops'. At these sessions you will be able to ensure that you are ordering the correct size jacket as your son/daughter can try on sample sizes.  You can purchase uniform on the evening, or place an order and arrange delivery to either school or home.
These pop up shops will be in the dining room on the following dates and times:
June 17th 4-8pm (this is for the new Year 6 intake only.)
July 10th 2:45 - 6pm
July 22nd 2:45 - 6pm
1st September 11am-4pm

In store
The school uniform provider Academy School Uniforms has stores located at Bulwell and Arnold.