Principal : Mr A  Johnson
School Uniform

A plain white shirt with a College tie (must be long enough to tuck in at all times) or
A white shirt with College colours/girl's white blouse with College colours (long enough to tuck
in at all times) (no tie required).

Official College plain black v-neck sweatshirt
with College logo.
black skirt (knee-length) or plain black trousers (Black jeans are not acceptable).
Plain, sensible all black shoes (low heeled) not trainers.
NB Outdoor coats must not be worn in classrooms.
Coloured t-shirts must not be worn under shirts. White ones must be hidden.

PE Uniform
Plain purple sports t-shirt or polo shirt (including College logo)
Plain white ankle socks
Navy blue games skirt/navy blue shorts
Navy hockey/football socks
Hockey boots/football boots
(Optional: rugby shirt purple with navy band)

Trainers must only be worn for PE, Drama or Performing Arts and for outside activities at
lunchtime. In the unlikely event of anyone being found wearing trainers for a different reason,
they must report to the appropriate Director/Assistant Director.

Earrings one plain stud or plain sleeper per ear (10mm).
No nose studs, eye-brow studs, tongue studs or any other form of body piercing (anywhere!).
No bracelets including braid, leather or metal.
No rings, necklaces, chains or anklets.

Students must not wear any form of make-up or brightly coloured nail varnish.

Hair Styles
Students' hairstyles must be neat and tidy. Extreme hairstyles or accessories, such as
fashionable unnatural dyeing are not permitted.

The following items must not be worn in the classroom:
Caps or hats
Coloured belts

Technology and Science
For Health & Safety, all long hair must be tied back. Aprons must be brought and worn for all
Technology lessons. Safety glasses must be worn when required by the member of staff.

We reserve the right to send students home, who do not conform to these requests.